The Story

Hi, I'm Harmonie!

I was born and raised on the West Coast of Canada. Being surrounded by the ocean and forest growing up, I've always been fascinated by nature and its ability to rebalance and nourish the soul. I started making self-care products in 2018 for friends and family and two years later, Lunae Soulcare was born. The latin translation of “Lunae” means “of the moon" and the brand itself was inspired by nature's feminine elements. For me, soulcare means taking care of the soul through acts of of self-compassion and self-love. Things like running a bath, making a cup of tea, and lighting a candle are just a few of my favorite rituals.

The process of making these products has been my own form of soulcare. Knowing that they will end up in the hands of those needing a break to rest and restore keeps my passion alive. I hope you can feel the love and care I put into these products and that they give your soul a little extra love on the days it needs it the most.

All of our products at LUNAE are curated with plant-based ingredients, never tested on animals and are perfect for those looking to create a more clean and conscious space.

Harmonie xx